Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Musings

For July 1st, 2013

Outside My Window...We are slated for rain for the next few days. We are sick of rain. And clouds. And the mosquitoes that seem to be taking over the world. Hoping for a dry 4th of July, at least!

Things I'm Thinking About.... The number of mosquito bites on the kids' legs have told me we need a revamped routine. Bugs love the early morning! So....lessons until 10ish, then they can head out for a nice long time outdoors. More lesson time when they come in, lunch, maybe a little more work, then the pool or an outing.

In My Garden... I dug up some new potatoes last week. I cooked them like this. They were so good! I don't know how I will stop myself from digging them all up before they can mature! We are still eating kale, peas, lettuce, radish, and Swiss chard from the garden. The green beans look almost ready to flower. I planted some new lettuce seeds, since much of ours bolted. The goats ate the bolted lettuce and didn't mind a bit. The wild raspberries in our yard are turning red and the domesticated ones are not far behind. And the rhubarb! I have not done anything with it yet except one rhubarb crisp.

First Potato Harvest!
Around the House....My main priority this week is to un-decorate from Rose's birthday. The streamers have positively wilted from the heat. It's always a little sad to take down birthday decorations. I think some 4th of July decorations are in order, too. Since we have a lot of daisies growing wild in the yard right now, I think these patriotic daises would be a nice little "science experiment" to add in.

Food, and the Cooking Thereof.....I am thinking rhubarb jam is in order, if I can fit it in. I must also use up some more of this kale. We have grilled it, steamed it, sauteed it, made it into kale chips and added it to soup. I think creamed kale may be the next frontier!

In Our Homeschool....I am becoming more comfortable with the notion of taking it easy. I always get a little worked up at the beginning of our year and think I need to get everything done by some certain time. Well, you know what? I really don't! Our focus is math, and then doing whatever we can get to from the Sonlight cores. After all, it really does not matter if we finish a Core in a year or two years! We are still learning a ton. I am also realizing that I need to be careful about adding too much to the Cores. A few last tweaks may be in order.

Creating.....My idea to knit while I helped the kids with math was a total bomb. There is just too much jumping child to child for anything to occur except knitting errors. Instead, I am thinking of tying knitting to the kids' pool time. I don't generally go in the pool unless it is super hot out. So knitting a few rows while I keep an eye on things seems pretty ideal.  I have also started a folder of little projects and ideas from magazines and hope to work through one at a time.

Reading and Watching....I am determined to finish The Invisible Bridge this week. It's due this week, so I have to persevere. In retrospect, checking out a 600 page novel from the library may not be the best idea for right now. I also need to read White Fang so I can discuss it with Grace. I didn't get to it last week. We are watching Under the Dome, but I'll have to reserve judgement until a few episodes have passed. This week we watched Psycho (we'd never seen the original) and The Help, which was quite good. I would like to read the books now for both of them.

Plans For the Week Ahead...Rock climbing for the boys and a riding lesson for Grace. A trip to the library and signing up for the summer reading program. Ours is running a separate one for older kids this year where they earn tickets to enter prize drawings. Grace is pretty excited and has been reading up a storm. Then we have family visiting, a cookout for the 4th, and hopefully some fireworks. Some sort of outing will be in the works for the weekend, either a historic site or a drive up a local mountain for a picnic. Plus, the kids want to try making ice cream sodas.

Hope you have a great week!


  1. Thank you for the reminder that it's okay to slow down in history, etc.! We ARE always learning a lot, even if it takes longer. And the reminder to sign up for summer reading programs.

    I too love potatoes that way... they are a fairly frequent request around here. Love the patriotic daisy project too, and I think we'll have to give that a go!

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