Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Typical Day with Sonlight's P 4/5

Rose and I have really been enjoying Sonlight's Core P 4/5. I personally find if kind of hard to gauge how much work a given program will be on a typical day, so I thought I would share what we had scheduled in our instructor guide for one day this week. 

 I also included some things that are not part of the core but that we add in. I would guess, on average, that this list would take an hour or slightly more to complete. There are often extra activities  in the IG that will increase the time spent. We don't necessarily finish all of our list in one day. Especially the handwriting! When she loses interest we are done!

For Core P 4/5:

  • Read a Bible story
  • Read one Mother Goose rhyme
  • Read one story from Uncle Wiggily's Story Book
  • Read one poem from Eric Carle's Animals Animals
  • Do 2 pages of Developing the Early Learner 
  • Read 2 pages of The Berenstain Bears' Big Book of Science and Nature
  • Listen to the song of the week  
  • Do an optional activity for the Mother Goose rhyme-today it was learning to group objects by 5 and see that when you rearrange the group the number doesn't change
  • Try to walk quietly, like Uncle Wiggily did in the story

To this we added math and Sonlight's Language Arts K:

  • Complete 2 pages or so of Singapore Essentials A
  • Read the letter B pages from My First Picture Dictionary
  • Complete 3 pages of Get Ready for the Code
  • Do one line of handwriting from Getty-Dubay Italic A
  • Complete copywork activity for the week (just writing a few letters)


  1. Thank you for sharing this. We are in South Africa and we begin our second year of Sonlight with P4/5, and I wondered how much more structured it would be :)

  2. You are welcome! I am glad it was helpful and thanks so much for visiting!


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