Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tweaking & Changing

It's inevitable, right? As soon as I think something is decided, it needs to be changed. At least we decided on the changes before the orders were placed!

What we changed:

Rose will be doing Singapore Essentials A and B rather than just doing informal math from picture books and such. She has been asking about math a lot lately and wanting to start school. I think these books will be an easy and inexpensive introduction to math for her and will take the pressure off me to locate and request library books for math. I decided to cut the Bible storybook I had planned for her after thinking some more about it. I'm going to wait until next year to introduce her to Bible stories.

James will be using Math Mammoth 3 along with Life of Fred. I do still think that Life of Fred can stand alone as a curriculum for some children. is taking us a long time to get up to the LOF topics that cover and go beyond what James already knows.  I don't want to rush through the books, we enjoy taking our time with them, but I do want him to have a bit more challenge. So we are going to add Math Mammoth in for him, though I have different ideas about how we will go about using it this time around. More on that later;). I am also going to finish First Language Lessons 2 with him, picking and choosing topics to cover. Oh, and he's going to try some Dr. Funster's.

Christopher and Grace will going back to Math Mammoth as well. I hope to finish MM4 with him and MM6 with her and move on to MM5 for him. I decided to skip the optional Wordly Wise book Sonlight schedules in favor of continuing with Caesar's English, which we dropped last fall. In fact, I am planning on finishing up the whole MCT Town level with them. I actually penciled MCT days right into my Sonlight instructor guide to encourage myself to do this.  How I will go about combining the two will be a whole 'nother post.

 The other major change is that we decided not to use Sonlight Science F. We are goign to use Level E instead, because Level F is very much focused on the human body and Grace just spent several weeks covering that with Oak Meadow. Science E needed no tweaking at all, I ordered it entirely as is, and it looks pretty fun!

Finally, instead of the critical thinking books suggested for this Core, I have decided to order a Dr. Funster's book for each child.

Those are the changes for now, and since most of our orders are starting to arrive, hopefully there will not be anymore for awhile!


  1. I have the same issue! I get my plan on solidified and then something happens or a program catches my eye and I start rethinking everything. Certainly an inevitable part of homeschooling!

  2. That's what I tell dh when he starts the eye-rolling- rethinking is part of the whole process! It just means we care;).


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