Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Musings

For June 24th, 2013....  

Outside My Window... It is hot out there. Very, very hot. This week is going to be pretty well scorching. Not such a great week for outdoor activities. But a good week to start lessons!

Things I'm Thinking About.... How to actually go about this whole year-round homeschool thing. I am thinking a late start each day, so the kids can play outside while it is still cool (and so I can exercise). Lessons in the hottest part of the day. A swim break. More lessons. Stopping once it cools down enough for everyone to want to go back out.

In My Garden...The kale is still going strong, even with my kale smoothie habit. The peas-oh wow, the kids picked them yesterday and I could not believe how many there were!! But the most exciting thing is the potatoes. We have a few with flowers now which, according to my gardening book, means we can harvest some new potatoes. Exciting stuff:)

Around the House....The place was pretty out of control today with all of Rose's birthday party trappings. Amazing how much mess a simple birthday and family party can make! We have it mostly under control but I have not even tried to put her gifts away yet. I tell myself it's nice for her to have them all over the living room to play with for a few days, but really I am just lazy;).

Food, and the Cooking Thereof.....We have tons of leftovers from the birthday dinners. Which is great because it means easy lunches for the next couple of days. One of the things I find most challenging about homeschooling is coming up with lunches every day! A project/post in the making, I think!

Creating & Reading.....I have not been doing as much reading as I would like, mainly because I cannot keep my eyes open past 9:00. This week, I need to start reading White Fang, so I can discuss it with Grace. I read it in high school, but don't ask me to remember anything about it! I did read Li Lun, Lad of Courage which is the first scheduled Sonlight Core F reader. It was a quick read and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it! As for creating, not so much. I plan to set my knitting out on the table during math time tomorrow. We'll see.

Plans For the Week Ahead...Well, starting lessons is the main thing.  This will be the first week of our summer routine. We will have one day a week set aside for the outside lessons the kids continue over the summer, plus our library visit. Another day will be for getting together with homeschooling friends. And one other weekday for an outing or visit with family. And we have a whole list of local places we'd like to visit with Dad on weekends.

I am also going to try to post a weekly report at the end of most weeks. I failed at this last year but I would really like to have them for myself, if nothing else.  Seems like the days just fly by and I can never remember what we did!

 More shots from the garden....

Our little potato field

Salad greens, and just a few carrots

I hope you have a great week!!


  1. I'd love to see weekly reports! And your garden looks great. What all do you put in your kale smoothies?

  2. Lately, we have been doing kale with apple juice, celery, lemon juice, a banana, and ice. I want to branch out though and try some other versions because only one of the kids likes it.

  3. I'll have to give that a try! I sneak spinach into my kids' smoothies pretty regularly, but have been a bit afraid of kale. I do love kale though - salad, sauteed, mmmm...


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