Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Quick Update


I have really been dropping the ball lately on blogging....or not so much just lately, but for the past few months! Every year, around the time of February, I picture May/June arriving and how relaxed it is going to be....and then reality hits. These months are not relaxed at all!

We just got back from an awesome 9 day trip to San Diego. Now reality has set in.

 I have homeschool applications, plans, and portfolios due in next week, the kids extracurriculars are still in full swing for another few weeks, there are several upcoming birthday parties-including Rose's 5th birthday!- and other events on the calendar, it's prime gardening season and we still have lots to plant, we have a new batch of chicks and ducklings brooding, we need to get a temporary house set up to move said birds outside asap, the kids need to sign up for summer camps, we are starting a couple of new volunteer projects as a family, and oh yeah, I have decided to attempt to write a novel.

Crazy. Not more so than everyone else out there, I'm sure, but this homeschooling thing sometimes seems very, very hard to fit in with everything else going on! Especially when we are in wind-down mode, because I just really, really want to get to summer break. So I am always saying things like:

"Well can't you just read one more chapter?"
"How many more lessons are left in that book?"
"Well, just skip that part and do this part!"
"Wait-how many more lessons are left in that book??"
"Why is that taking you so long??"

And so on. I am so ready for summer. But we do need to finish up some things.

Countdown to Summer Plan

Grace (6th) needs to finish her Oak Meadow history and science. She has about  five lessons left in each, or about 5 weeks worth of work. I am letting her streamline though, to speed it up. She is doing all of the reading but picking and choosing from the writing assignments and other options. I would also like her to finish Life of Fred Fractions (she's nearly there) and then finish Decimals & Percents over the summer. Also, she got behind in her Latin work, so I suspect she will be doing some of that over the summer as well.

Christopher (4th) needs to finish his Oak Meadow lessons. He only has three to go. If he would just apply himself he would probably finish this week! But I suspect it will take longer. He just finished Life of Fred Ice Cream, I will have him complete Jellybeans before stopping with math for this school year. Long division and multi-digit mulitplication practice will continue throughout the summer, they are still tough concepts for him. He will also finish up his Latin level over the summer.

James (2nd) is pretty well on the ball. As far as I am concerned, he could probably stop right now, but it's easier to have all three older kids working than have to explain to the others why their brother is on break already! So he'll plug along until they are done. He doesn't mind;). I did get a couple of the optional resources for Sonlight Core C (the Wordly Wise C and MCP Plaid books) and I'll have him "catch up" with those since he is already on week 9 of Core C.

Rose (soon to be K!) is mostly finished with our Sonlight P 3/4 read-alouds. I ordered her P 4/5 materials the other day, but I plan to hold off on starting her until August.

So right now the plan is to work till the end of June or whenever people have finished the bulk of their work. Then we will do "homeschooling-lite" on those things we need to catch up on over the summer. Probably just for an hour or so a day, and not every day. We will slowly pick back up in mid-August.

At least that's the plan!

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  1. Your coastal trip looks lovely! And it is kind of nice to see someone else schooling through the end of June. Take a deep breath - it'll all get done!


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