Tuesday, May 7, 2013

5th Grade Plans with Sonlight Core F

So Christopher will be starting 5th grade in the fall and he will be going back to Sonlight after using Oak Meadow 4 this year. He will be using Sonlight Core F along with Grace, so a more detailed list of which books we will use will be included in her post! For now, I will just say that secularizing Core F has been more challenging than the previous Cores...but I think I have our plans pretty much down.

5th Grade Plans

*History, Language Arts, Literature*

Sonlight Core F-details will follow in a future post, along with his sister's 7th grade plans! But basically, I intend for him to share this Core with her. I am thinking at this point that I will have her progress through it pretty much as written, while he goes at a slightly slower pace.

He will also do some of the optional LA items recommended for this Core: Keys to Good Language and Grammar 5. I will skip the recommendation for Sequential Spelling, because he already spells pretty well. We are going to add in the rest of MCT Town level here and there as well. We will add in Zaner-Bloser handwriting as well, since he still needs some legibility practice!

Science E (Sonlight)


The plan is to use Math Mammoth 3 along with the rest of the Life of Fred elementary series, followed by the intermediate series. To supplement, we will use Mathtacular 3.

*Latin and Spanish*
Getting Started with Spanish, plus maybe Rosetta Stone Spanish, which we own but haven't used much.

Sonlight Electives F-Typing Instructor Platinum, Critical Thinking Activities 4-6, and Classics for Kids


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