Wednesday, April 3, 2013

an april update

I have been blogging off and on about our backyard farm stuff, here. And I've enjoyed that. But I do miss hearing myself talk about homeschooling, so I think I will come back at least once a week and fix this old place up;).

 My main reason for taking a break from this blog was that we were in a pretty good groove and I really felt like I had nothing to say. Of course, I totally forgot to knock on wood, so here I am-decidedly not in a groove. This year has been a year of changes, starts, stops, retries and general hand-wringing. Lots of late night discussions about the best way to proceed with the kids' education. Lots of angst about what "enough" is, and how rigorous things should be (or not). Trying things out, discarding things, retrying things....every time I think I have something figured out, things change or don't work anymore. I don't know if it's me, the age of the kids, or the long delayed spring that is making us antsy....but we are changing things up yet again around here.

I plan to homeschool through the end of June, then we will break until mid-August, when we will start our new year. This is our tentative plan for the rest of the year.


 Everyone is just doing Life of Fred. We tried Saxon, we tried Math Mammoth. The kids hated both and were really starting to hate math. The groans when I said it was math time got to be too much. For the rest of the year, Life of Fred is it for everyone. Stanley Schmidt says it is enough and doesn't need to be supplemented. We'll try it that way and see how it works. I'm not sure it will work alone for us, but we shall see. Currently I have one in Edgewood, one in Honey, and one in Liver. We do 4-7 chapters a week.

Oak Meadow

Christopher (10) & Grace (12) have been using levels 4 and 6 of OM, respectfully. I really wanted to make this work. We spent so much money on it!! But it just isn't for us, as I will describe in a more detailed review at some point. We have decided to keep at it for the rest of the year, but we will be skimming through it more and picking and choosing from the topics and assignments rather than doing everything. In this way, we have been doing about 3-4 weeks of lessons in one week, so we should finish up on time.


James (8) is still doing Sonlight Core C. He enjoys it and it is working well for him, so no changes there. I am still reading through Core P 3/4 with Rose (4). I think next year, everyone will be going back to Sonlight.

Other Stuff

I did drop First Language Lessons for James for a few weeks, but I think we will pick it up again and finish out the year. I also dropped Writing with Ease in favor of focusing more on oral narration from actual books. I occasionally pull copy work from our read-aloud for him. We have been reading Treasure Island as a family and the kids have enjoyed that. We are still doing Latin. Grace is using Latin for Children A and Christopher is using Lively Latin. We have been seriously slacking off with Spanish, and I want to get back to that. We still do picture study sporadically, but it is my goal to do this weekly. We mostly dropped nature study over the winter, but I do want to get back to that as well, though I question whether we really need "lessons" in this. Just the other day, the kids found and dissected an owl pellet on their own. So perhaps it doesn't need to be formal. We shall see.

More on everything later, as I figure things out!

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  1. Interesting... I wrote a post today on what's working, and what's not, and where we are with everything... parallel posts!

    I always wanted SO much to make OM work. We tried a couple of times, even when we could barely afford to, and it just didn't. I'll be interested in hearing what you have to say about it!

    Funny though, the math bit, because my kids LOVE Saxon, and ended up not being thrilled with Life of Fred, so completely opposite there!


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