Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Study This Year

We finished our Thanksgiving unit on Friday, yes one day after Thanksgiving! But we had planned on making the cranberry sauce recipe in A Pioneer Thanksgiving for our second Thanksgiving. We celebrate the holiday twice every year- once at my Dad's, and once in our home, because we like to cook!

So now naturally, our thoughts have turned to Christmas! I can't believe the number of folks that already have their lights up and everything....we are not quite so organized but will hopefully get our decorating in by week's end. Also this week we will be planning our Christmas unit! Last year, we did Christmas lapbooks.

This year we will be doing "Christmas around the world". I had the older three kids choose a country. Grace chose Mexico, Christopher chose Germany, and James is tentatively choosing Ethiopia.  They will be in charge of researching their country's Christmas traditions and coming up with a plan to study their country. I suggested coming up with two traditional holiday recipes, two craft projects, two nonfiction books or two story books, and perhaps one or two other ideas they would like to try. I want to keep it simple and manageable since it is such a busy season! We will spend one week on each country,  starting next week, the first week of December.

We are using the books Christmas Around the World and Celebrate Christmas Around the World as our jumping off point and I suspect the internet will be helpful as well. We have had both of these books in our collection for years, so it will be nice to get some use out of them and the kids are super excited to start.

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