Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekly Report for Week 6

We had another pretty good week. I experimented with shorter hours and a trimmed down routine, and it went well. If it continues to go well, I will post about our new routine in a couple weeks. But all this week we have done formal schoolwork for an average of three hours per day, with one or two four hour days. And we are getting a lot done!


Grace did test 3, an investigations exercise, and lessons 22 and 23 in Saxon 65. I think I mistakenly said last week that she is in level 54. She finished quickly on the test/investigation days and did a couple of Life of Fred chapters. James and I picked our way through Saxon 3 lessons 25-35. We have been skimming through to get to something  more challenging for him. He also read two Life of Fred chapters. James and I did four lessons of Rightstart C and we played a couple of math card games this week, always a hit. He learned a lot about Roman numerals this week- he loved it! And we read two chapters of Life of Fred Apples.

Writing & Grammar

We did freewriting this week.  The kids have decided to do Nanowrimo again this year, so they spent their free writing time making little notes and coming up with ideas for their stories. They really loved Nanowrimo last year and are very excited to do it again. James copied a few lines of the poem Mr. Nobody for First Language Lessons and we talked about capitalization in poems. Grace and Christopher completed another week of Writing Strands. First they learned how to write a descriptive sentence, then they wrote a short story. The assignment was to write about a kitten being raised by ducks (I think) but they put their own spin on things and wrote about a goat being raised by a fox and a chicken being raised by a coyote. In MCT Town, we have nearly completed the Grammar Town book! We learned about different types of sentences and have been reviewing the four level sentence analysis.

Sonlight Core D

We finished Meet Thomas Jefferson and the kids started their next reader, Sarah Whitcher's Story.  To supplement the Core we added in a fun sticker book: Stuck on the Presidents. Now as we read about each president, the kids will do the appropriate page in the book. Not much for science this week. We read a bit about ecosystems in Real Science for Kids. We did not get to our planned history projects, but we are going to try to make corn tortillas from scratch over the weekend. We read more from Justin Morgan's Horse (love this book!).

Sonlight Core B

James and I did a Sonlight sheet comparing Sparta and Athens. We did another one comparing the Olympics in Ancient Greece to the modern Olympics. He continued to read about the human body-specifically about the heart and lungs this week. We had a few science experiments involving water. In one he wadded up a tissue in a glass and pushed it straight down into a bowl of water. He was very sure the tissue would get wet and was very surprised when it did not (the air in the glass keeps the water out). When he tried it again, this time tipping the glass, the water was able to get in and wet the tissue. We continued reading Follow My Leader.


Uh-nothing? Better luck next week-but I keep saying that:)
Nature Study

We did the "make a nature arrangement activity" from The Nature Connection. We took a walk in the woods and collected all kinds of things...pine cones, acorns, pretty leaves, part of an egg-shell, wild grapes, some birch bark, a bit of fallen lichen....and then the kids made a nice centerpiece for the table.


Grace finished Lesson 2 of Latin for Children. Christopher's Lively Latin pages this week were mostly the history ones. I offered to let him skip these, but he says he enjoys them. We did two lessons of Getting Started with Spanish


Lots of reading, lots of Starfall, lots of playing, as always. Rose also really enjoyed doing several pages of her Kumon cutting workbook this week. Lots of good things to cut out and enjoy, and great practice with the scissors. 

And that was our week! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Looks like you had a good week! I keep meaning to get to art and music too, but you know how that goes! I love your nature activity, and the various ways you approach math.


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