Friday, September 21, 2012

Weekly Report For Week 5

We had a pretty good week despite interruptions from the plumber (we had a pipe leak that ruined our kitchen ceiling), colds and bad coughs...I am feeling it coming on now unfortunately. Seems we get sick every year once the kids start back to their usual activities. No pictures this week because my camera will not cooperate with my computer!


Grace did lessons 18-21 in Saxon 5/4.  I have been experimenting with different ways to ease her workload, since it seems to take her FOREVER to get through a lesson. I have been having her take breaks every 20 minutes or so to do something else and it seems to be helping. It is taking her about an hour now to do a whole lesson. Christopher and I worked though Saxon 3 lessons 18-25. We decided to speed up and just skim through some lessons since they are way too easy for him. He is working behind grade level, so right now I am just trying to catch him up. James did lessons 10-13 of Rightstart. He learned Roman numerals yesterday, which he found quite exciting;). And everyone did a couple of chapter of Life of Fred.

Writing & Grammar

This week we worked on the "scrounged poetry" exercise as described in The Writer's Jungle. I sent the kids out to the picnic table with a stack of old magazines and scissors. Their assignment was to cut out at least 25 words that interested them. They needed to look for nouns, verbs, articles, adjectives, etc..

To say they enjoyed this would be an understatement! They spent the better part of the morning on this, then decided they also wanted to make collages, so I counted that as art for the week. Later in the week they took those words and turned them into poems. Well, they were supposed to turn them into poems, but I fear they got a bit silly and ended up turning them into random nonsense:).

In MCT Town, we discussed prepositional, appositive, and verbal phrases. Things got a bit complex as I can't recall every having learned some of this stuff! But we figured it out (I think...). James did a couple of lessons from FLL, dealing with abbreviations for addresses and titles of respect.  

We did not get to Writing Strands all week. Seems every week there is something we don't manage to get to!!

Sonlight Core D

Grace and Christopher finished up reading about Lewis and Clark and began reading Meet Thomas Jefferson. To supplement this core and add in some hands-on we have decided to do projects from Pioneer Days. Everyone picked one or two projects to do. In the coming weeks we plan to make tortillas and spoon bread, create corn husk dolls, and make a whirlygig toy. 

In Core D science we read about classifying protists in Real Science for Kids. We also read several more pages from Water- lots about water in our bodies and water power. I can't find a link to this book for some reason! 

What else? We finished Paddle to the Sea and started Justin Morgan Had a Horse. These books have been a nice break from the more complex ones we've been reading. Poetry study this week was Robert Louis Stevenson. 

Sonlight Core B

In CHOW we read about the Phonenicians, and Sparta and Athens. James was pretty shocked at all the awful treatment he would be in for if he lived in Sparta at the age of 7 and figured he's really rather not.

In Core B science James read more from his human body book, about the heart. He also read more from What Makes You Ill (rather conveniently since someone has been sick off and on all week). We had an experiment this week involving poking holes in a soda bottle and filling it with water to see which hole would have the biggest jet coming out...he suspected the one on the bottom and he was right;).

We also read several more chapters of Follow My Leader. 


We still haven't managed to start music. Maybe next week, I say! I counted magazine collages as art, but I finally did get around to ordering our art supplies, so we will hopefully start that next week, as our box is due to arrive today!

Nature Study

Rain spoiled our plans a bit. The kids all read the page on "A favorite nature spot" and jotted down a note about their personal favorite spot. Next up is making a nature arrangement. 


In Spanish we learned a bit about singular and plural nouns. No new words this week. Christopher did Lively Latin lesson 6.3. Grace worked on lesson 2 of Latin for Children A.


Rose did several more pages of Developing the Early Learner. I highly recommend these books! She works on them during math time, and it keeps her quite busy. As usual, we read tons of picture books and she played around on Starfall. Next week, I hope to start working through a list of books I have planned for her. She tends to pick the same books over and over, which is fine, but sometimes I need a little variety in our reading!


Wow this report got long! One thing I thought of this week, that I want to change for future weeks, is to give the kids more of a break in the morning when we need to be out all afternoon. I have been trying to cram as much in as we can before we have to leave, but inevitably I just feel frazzled and the kids don't get any downtime those days. So heading into next week I am going to try to leave some more margin around our outings so that things don't feel quite so hectic.

That's our week! Thanks so much for reading!

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