Friday, September 14, 2012

Weekly Report for Week 4

I always say I will do a weekly report, and never get around to it, so it's pretty exciting to actually be posting one again!

This week we did...


Everyone did three math lessons. Grace and Christopher from Saxon, James from Rightstart. My goal is four, but this week was a bit hectic, so three it was. James and I played many, many games of Corners. Everyone also did one Life of Fred chapter. Christopher and James are on Apples, Grace is on Fractions.

Writing & Grammar

Grace and Christopher worked on a Writing Strands assignment where they had to choose a subject, list the things they would mention about it, and then write a paragraph. They both chose to write about their Halloween costumes, a topic very near and dear to their hearts. They also made a notebook page about the Louisiana Purchase after we read about it in Sonlight. We didn't get to our Bravewriter plans all week, hopefully next week we will start the Scrounged Poetry activity. James has been copying over a short essay he dictated to me about our trip to Six Flags. And Rose has been practicing letters on her own all week! The Magnadoodle is great for this beginning practice. We didn't get to MCT Town all week (such slackers we are!), but James did two lessons from First Language Lessons.

Sonlight Core D
We are currently reading about Lewis and Clark. We read about the Louisiana purchase in Landmark History and Story of the USA. In our poetry book we read about Robert Frost and listened to the accompanying audio CD to hear his poem "The Road Not Taken". We are still reading Carry on Mr. Bowditch, just a few chapters left to go! We have also been reading Paddle to the Sea. The science focus for the week was on plant reproduction, with readings from Real Science for Kids.

Sonlight Core B

James finished up his reading on Ancient Greece. He loved the book The Greek News. We read a short section of Children Just Like Me and started a new read-aloud: Follow My Leader. The science focus for this week was on the human body-he read about bones, blood, and germs-all kinds of good stuff! He also spent some time exploring the Internet links from the book.


We really should start music! Lots of independent creativity this week. Grace started a pottery class and made four bowls. She also bought fleece to make a pillow cover. The boys painted a few wood shapes they found at the craft store. Rose painted a small wooden birdhouse.

Nature Study
In The Nature Connection, the kids made a list of everything they could see, hear, smell, etc. outside. It really brought home how many changes are going on outside! We noticed that the goats' fur was getting longer, the chickens were molting, there weren't as many crickets chirping, and the leaves were beginning to change already! I'm really not ready for fall, but I guess it's coming anyway!

We did two lessons in Getting Started with Spanish. We are keeping this short. We look over the lesson in the book, listen to the online pronunciation and commentary, do the translations orally, and make flashcards for the new words. Christopher did two pages of Lively Latin, and Grace finished unit 1 of  Latin for Children. Languages are proving our hardest things to fit in!


Rose and I read quite a few picture books, she played a lot of Starfall, did a couple of pages of Developing the Early Learner, and played alphabet memory-matching big letters to little letters. She beat me, and I didn't even let her! She also drew her first picture of a person-me:)


All of our extracurriculars are in full swing and time is more than a little bit tight!  I'm hoping that as we move into next week things won't feel quite so scattered and overwhelming! I felt like we got next to nothing done this week, but when I type it all out it looks much better. Think I'm going to have to keep  doing these reports! So that's our week!
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  1. I keep feeling scattered and overwhelmed too, with all that we have going on BESIDES omeschooling. It looks like you had a good week though! And you're reading some great books.

  2. That reminds me that I need to take out the RS corners game! We haven't played that one in a while. We love LOF too :)

  3. We are doing Sonlight Core D too. I enjoyed reading your weekly review.

  4. Looks good. I find the beginning of the academic year is always overwhelming as we always go from basically unstructured to highly structured and busy! We love Carry on Mr. Bowditch. It is one of my 13 yo's favorite books ever.


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