Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Poetry Study

Poetry at our house this year is much like it was last year, with a few small changes. Grace and Christopher are using A Child's Introduction to Poetry, one of Sonlight's Core D books. We have really been enjoying this one! Each week we are assigned one poet to study. The text includes some information about the poet's life, the style of poetry they wrote, and a brief introduction to some poetry terms. There are often humorous little snippets about the poet as well. Each section ends with a poem or two, written by that poet. The book is colorful and well illustrated. After the kids read over the information, we discuss it-very briefly-and listen to the poem on the audio CD.

 In addition to this weekly poetry study, we are also doing occasional poetry teatimes where the children each pick a poem or two to read while we have tea. Last time we did this over lunch, with tea instead of our usual milk, and they thought it was very exciting. I was surprised that they volunteered to read their poems aloud, since reading aloud has never been a big hit around here.

The last piece of our poetry study is poem memory work. The three older children each choose a poem to memorize from one of our poetry books. It can be a funny poem, a serious poem, a nature poem....anything goes. They simply read their poem every day until they know it by heart, no matter how long that takes. Then they write it out, illustrate it, and it gets filed in their language arts binder. Then it is time to choose a new poem!

Poetry is very much enjoyed at our house, even though we keep things pretty simple and don't spend much time per week on it.

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