Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Our Morning, "Before School" Routine

Or at least the plan for what it should be!

6:30-My target time to get up. I confess though, that I often get up closer to 7. I usually shower the night before, so I just dress, wash my face, put on a little makeup (because it makes me feel better!), make my bed and Rose's bed if she is up, eat breakfast, and start on my morning chores. I ask the kids to come down as soon as they are up, have picked up their rooms, and made their beds. If they are downstairs by 7:15, they have the reward of having time to make themselves an egg for breakfast. This works well, since they don't like cereal- weird, I know!

When everyone is done breakfast they put their own dishes in the dishwasher, brush teeth, and help with chores. We have a checklist of things to be done daily and a checklist specific to each day. I have the lists written up on colored index cards and I slide them into a sheet protector. This way, we can cross off items with a dry erase marker as we do them.

Daily List
  • Make beds/straighten bedrooms/empty hampers as  needed
  • Put away clean laundry
  • Tidy up the main bathroom, wipe down the sink, quick sweep
  • Straighten up living room
  • Sweep kitchen, other downstairs rooms as needed
  • Vacuum area rugs in front room-these are constantly dirty!
  • Animal care-feeding the dog, cat, fish, goats, chickens, and ducks
  • Water houseplants as needed
  • Take vitamins
  • Work on laundry

We also have a weekly chore checklist

Monday: We clean the kitchen, wash the dog dishes, and brush the dog

Tuesday: We clean the bathrooms, renew library books online, wash the cat dishes, and brush the cat. I also clean out my purse, if it needs it.

Wednesday: We clean the sunporch and fill up the chicken and duck feed containers. 

Thursday: We clean the bedrooms and change sheets. We also do goat jobs-refilling minerals, brushing, etc.

Friday: We clean the living room and sitting room.

Saturday: We clean the library and laundry room.

Sunday: We make out the meal plan and grocery list and clean chicken and goat houses as needed. I also make up checklists for the kids' schoolwork for the upcoming week.

On weekdays, we work on our cleaning list until 8:30, when we start lessons. During lesson time, I will often have an odd moment here or there to switch over the laundry or do an item or two left on the lists. Whatever isn't done by lunch stays undone, unless it is absolutely necessary! Most items can wait another day- or a week- with no harm. I try to have the only "housework" I do in the afternoons to be garden-related.

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