Saturday, August 4, 2012


We are on staycation for the next week or so. I had a couple posts I wanted to get up this past week that I never got around to, so now they will just have to wait! Some things we have planned over the next few days:

Trying out our new canoe
Going out for ice cream-more than once
Shopping and letting the kids pick some fun new "staycation" food
A daytrip to the beach
A visit to the zoo
Making homemade lobster rolls
Picking blueberries and making pie
Going hiking
Going on a picnic (and using one of those little grills- we've never done that)
Going to Six Flags
Eating out at a couple of local restaurants we've never tried
Taking the kids to their favorite toy store and letting them spend a little money
Making sangria (for the parents only;))
Going bowling and rollerskating
Having make your own sundae night
Camping out in the backyard and watching the meteor shower next weekend
Having a movie night-with popcorn and candy of course:)
Riding bikes
Watching the Olympics
Playing croquet and bocce

That's our bucket list and we intend to get as much of it done as possible! Have a great weekend/week and I'll "see" you back here soon!

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  1. We have some similar activities planned for my last week off from work! Also going to Six Flags with our tickets from reading, and picking blackberries for pies, etc.

    I hope you have a great week - enjoy!


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