Thursday, August 16, 2012

Revising the Loop

This is probably not the last revision of our daily routine- it is very much a work in progress.  This loop doesn't include the kids independent work, which they do when I am working one-on-one with someone else.

Independent work includes:

  • Memorizing poems
  • Practicing typing
  • Reading about current events
  • Reviewing Latin and Spanish flashcards
  • Independent reading from Sonlight books
  • Spelling (James only)
  • Handwriting (boys only)
This is the Old loop

And here is the....
New Loop

  • Math (done first, not in the loop)
  • Phonics with Rose
  • Sonlight Core D readings (do about 1/2 of a day)
  • Sonlight Core B readings (do about 1/2 of a day)
  • Developing the Early Learner books with Rose
  • Writing Strands or do a page for history notebook
  • First Language Lessons (James only)
  • MCT Town (Grace and Christopher only)
  • Getting Started with Spanish
  • Madlibs
  • Life of Fred or Drive-Thru Menu Math
  • Sonlight Core D (finish day)
  • Sonlight Core B (finish day)
  • The Nature Connection
  • Latin
  • Grammarland
  • Bravewriter (complete one item from this list)

Friday Loop 

  This is a short day due to our homeschool group and a late morning swim lesson

  • Art project or history project while listening to current composer
  • Picture Study

Screwed up days & rainy afternoons

 I anticipate a lot of days to be "screwed up" in that we will lose a lot of time due to appointments and other things. Since we are going to more of a year-round schedule, I am not going to try to force a full day of schooling into one of those days, because then that messes with the afternoon and our time to do other things.  Instead we will do a small amount of schooling if possible (less than one hour) and/or watch a documentary. I have lots of these on the DVR that we never get around to. 

I cut some things out of the original list. I ditched the idea of having a dedicated language arts hour, because I think it will work better to have all of our LA integrated into the loop. We are dropping La Clase Divertida, at least until we get a little further into Getting Started with Spanish.

More changes to come, I'm sure. The beginning of our year seems to be all about tweaking!

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