Monday, August 20, 2012

Adjusting Expectations

Every summer I build up towering expectations of how totally awesome our new homeschooling year is going to be. It goes something like this: We are going to have great materials and an easy to follow plan. We will get everything done by June, even the math. The kids will be excited to learn.  I will have order and a nice, clean house. I will have lots of time to garden and can, and read picture books aloud. I will exercise every day. We will have great conversations around the dinner table. We will take educational field trips most weekends. We will have lots of free time, yet still enjoy extracurricular activities and time with friends....

Then I actually start homeschooling. And I expect the first few days to be rough, because everyone is getting used to a routine again. And I am getting used to juggling the educational needs of four kids, the housework, the meal prep, the animal care, our social calendar, paperwork, my needs, and oh yeah, all those extracurricular activities.

 An adjustment of expectations is in order.

So I am trying to be more accepting of the flaws in life, which will always be there, no matter how carefully I plan.

I am trying to accept that....

  • I can't do it all.
  • I certainly can't do it all in one day. 
  • The kids will not enjoy every lesson. 
  • The kids will complain/whine/huff/pitch a fit. And I need to not take that personally.  I am the adult. I can issue consequences!! Thinking on what those may be....
  • I created a loop plan for a reason, now is the time to actually accept that I will not finish everything on the list every day-that is the whole point of a loop plan! I need to get comfortable with stopping when it's been "enough" and picking up where we left off. 
  • I will not ever get my garden weeded.
  • The car will not stay vacuumed. There will always be grass at the bottom of the pool. 
  • The garage will never be as neat as the neighbor's. Ditto the basement. 
  • I need to start finding easy things to cook for dinner. I spend too much time cooking, and I enjoy it- but it's getting harder and harder to fit in meal prep. I need to come up with a list of main dishes that take no more than 30 minutes to get ready. 
  • The kids do not need, nor can I handle, more than two extracurriculars per child. We need downtime. We really, really do. 
  • Having lots of appointments is just going to be a way of life with so many people in the house. 
  • The phone will always ring at the worst time. And my inbox will never be empty.

I could go on forever, but I'll stop there. And I'll try to accept that homeschooling with four is not going to be a pretty, neat, tidy activity that is always a blast.

After all, there is beauty in the mess too, right?

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  1. Hits home, especially "I will never get my garden weeded." haha Much love from someone who can totally understand every word you wrote!


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