Tuesday, August 14, 2012

112 Days of Bravewriter

I recently bought and read The Writer's Jungle (see photo of the absolutely enourmous PDF below). I told myself I would just read it on the computer, but I can't stand reading on-screen for very long. So I printed it. Wow.  I loved many of the ideas in it and was pretty excited to get started-but TWJ doesn't contain a whole lot of nitty gritty how-to-get-it-done type info. Last year, we tried out several ideas from Julie's Brave Writer Lifestyle, which were a big hit with the kids.  I wanted to continue our favorites from BWL and try out some new things from TWJ.

 I came up with a list of 112 Brave Writer activities to do this school year, which works out to about three per week.  I will add "Bravewriter" to my loop plan and we will work our way through the list as time permits.

Julie suggests doing no more than one writing project per month, with just one step completed each week. We will only attempt four Bravewriter-style writing projects this year because we are also using Writing Strands and MCT Town. My plan is to have the kids choose their own topics for the Bravewriter writing projects.

Note: Many of these entries are described in greater detail on the Brave Writer Lifestyle site or in The Writer's Jungle.

112 Activities to do from Bravewriter Lifestyle and The Writer's Jungle
  1.  Freewriting
  2.  Copywork 
  3. Play a language game
  4.  Dictation
  5.  Poetry Teatime
  6. Scrounged Poetry activity (from TWJ)
  7.  Freewriting
  8.  Copywork
  9.  Dictation
  10.  Reverse Dictation
  11. Watch and discuss a movie
  12. Choose a topic for writing project & research
  13. Play a language game
  14. Keen Observation exercise (from TWJ)
  15.  Freewriting
  16.  Copywork
  17.  Dictation
  18. Write a rough draft for writing project
  19. Poetry Teatime
  20. Jabberwocky activity (from TWJ)
  21.  Freewriting
  22. Watch and discuss a movie
  23. Play a language game
  24. Narrow and expand writing project
  25.  Copywork
  26. Dictation
  27.  Reverse Dictation
  28. Finish up writing project, find readers
  29. Write a cartoon or limerick
  30.  Freewriting
  31.  Copywork
  32.  Dictation
  33. Play a language game
  34. Watch and discuss a movie
  35.  Poetry Teatime
  36.  Write a poem
  37. Freewriting
  38.  Copywork
  39. Choose a topic for writing project #2 & research
  40.  Dictation
  41. Reverse Dictation
  42.  Rough draft of writing project #2
  43. Play a language game
  44.  Write a letter
  45. Watch and discuss a movie
  46. Freewriting
  47.  Copywork
  48. Narrow & expand writing project #2
  49.  Dictation
  50. Poetry Teatime
  51.  Write a how-to article
  52. Polish & find readers for writing project #2
  53. Play a language game
  54. Freewriting
  55.  Copywork
  56. Dictation
  57. Watch and discuss a movie
  58.  Reverse Dictation
  59.  Play a language game
  60. Play the communication game (from TWJ)
  61. Freewriting
  62. Copywork
  63. play a language game
  64. Dictation
  65. Poetry Teatime
  66. Choose a topic for writing project #3 (make a mini-book as discussed in TWJ) & research
  67. Watch and discuss a movie
  68. Freewriting
  69. Copywork
  70. Dictation
  71. Reverse Dictation
  72. Rough draft of mini-book (writing project #3)
  73. Play a language game
  74. Try scrounged poetry idea (from TWJ)
  75. Freewriting
  76. Copywork
  77. Dictation
  78. Watch and discuss a movie
  79. Poetry Teatime
  80. Narrow and Expand mini-book (writing project #3)
  81. Keen Observation exercise (from TWJ)
  82. Freewriting
  83. Play a language game
  84. Copywork
  85. Dictation
  86. Reverse dictation
  87. Finish up mini-books (writing project #3)
  88. Try the Jabberwocky exercise (from TWJ)
  89. Watch and discuss a movie
  90. Freewriting
  91. Copywork
  92. Dictation
  93. Play a language game
  94. Poetry Teatime
  95.  Write a cartoon or limerick
  96.  Freewriting
  97. Copywork
  98. Dictation
  99. Watch and discuss a movie
  100. Choose & research a writing project (writing project #4)
  101. Write a letter
  102. Play a language game
  103. Freewriting
  104. Copywork
  105. Rough draft of writing project #4
  106. Poetry Teatime
  107. Play the communication game
  108. Narrow and expand writing project #4
  109. Choose a favorite game or project to repeat
  110.  Freewriting
  111. Copywork
  112. Polish and find readers for writing project #4


  1. I am totally stealing this list. Thank you SO much for typing it all out! I have read TWJ 3 times now, and haven't decide where to go with it, so this is a tremendous help.

  2. This looks great! Are you still doing this? If so, how is it going? If not, what didn't work for you?

  3. Hi, sorry, your comment got caught in my spam folder for some reason! We are not following this anymore, but I am currently revamping it b/c I want to figure out a way to combine BW with Writing with Ease & Writing with Skill.


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