Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Very Relaxed Summer Olympics Unit

We started doing our very relaxed Olympics unit last week. To my surprise, we have done just about everything on the list! Except the lapbooks-we didn't get around to those and I don't think we will.

Here's what we've done so far.

We have watched the games quite a bit. Everyone has their own different events they like to watch, so we have been recording everything and doing a lot of fast forwarding around to find things they like. This schedule is very helpful. The boys like the archery, tennis, and soccer. Grace likes equestrian and diving. Rose likes the gymnastics-well, everyone likes the gymnastics!

We made Olympics bookmarks and an Olympics paper chain to decorate our Medal Chart.

We used a chalkboard we had around for the base of the chart and added paper flags and medals found at the medal chart link above. The kids each chose a country to add to the chart, and then we added in the U.S. and Britain. Every day, Grace has been looking up the current medal count and updating our chart.

We had a nice little party opening night with Olympics pizza and Olympics cake .

Rings of pepperoni and M & M's, respectfully:)

And we stayed up way too late opening night and still missed much of the Parade of Nations! We also played Olympics bingo-several times.

We've also been doing lots of reading from our list.  I just set the books out in a basket near the medal chart and the kids pick them up to read here and there. Nothing mandatory, just when they feel like it! And I've been surprised, really, at their level of interest in the whole thing. It's been a lot of fun!

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