Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Tentative Loop

I posted yesterday about the possiblity of loop scheduling. And then I came up with a tentative loop. I think it will probably need tweaking once we actually start our lessons. But for now, this it.

The General Plan for Monday through Thursday:

Each day we will start with math and Latin. These are going to be "outside the loop".

Then we will do:

1 hour of work from the "primary loop"
Read-alouds with Rose while kids do their independent work (post coming on that later)
1 hour of work from the "language arts loop"
Break for Lunch (on Wednesdays our day will end here)
1/2 hour of work from the "extras loop"
1 hour of work from the "primary loop"

On Fridays the schedule will change. We will start with our "fun math" studies, followed by an art project. The remaining time before lunch will be spent going through whichever of the loops I feel we need to work on the most. At noon on Fridays, we're done!

These are the three loops. Basically, we would just start working through each list in order, stopping when the time is up and picking up where we left off the next time we work on that loop.

Primary Loop:
Read-Aloud Literature Sonlight Core D
Read-Aloud Literature Sonlight Core B
Nature Study with The Nature Connection
Life of Fred
Sonlight History Core B
Sonlight History Core D
Getting Started with Spanish
Sonlight Science Core D
Sonlight Science Core B

Language Arts Loop:
Bravewriter Plans (in the works)
MCT Town
Phonics with Rose

Extras Loop:

Composer Study
Picture Study
Music Appreciation
La Clase Divertida (Spanish DVD)
Storybook of Science

I'm looking forward to trying this out! I can already see it will make planning much easier, as we will just be "doing the next thing" rather than trying to get a specific set of subjects done each day. The obvious question is: will this cause us to fall behind or be less productive? With math out of the loop and done first daily, this is less of a concern- so we shall see how it goes in a few weeks!

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