Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Planning List

We had a nice holiday. Everyone ate way too much sugar, spent a lot of time fishing, played croquet, and drove out to see the fireworks. No pictures I'm afraid, as the house is a wreck from getting ready for our camping trip this weekend and I never got around to uploading. So much to do, so little time! The pictures in this post are of the new swing we put up for the kids a few weekends ago. It is super popular.

 I managed to spend a little time today jotting down my list of planning to-do's for the upcoming year. It's much nicer to have things written on paper. Otherwise I find myself constantly thinking, "Oh, I have to remember to-"....and feeling very frazzled. Writing it out helps, a lot.

I won't be doing any planning for the next few days, as we are headed to the woods! But I like that I have a list to come back to. I will be working on it very slowly over the next few weeks, in between doing all of our summer stuff.

Planning To-Do List for the 2012-2013 School Year

Finish making a plan for our study of The Nature Connection & The Writer's Jungle

Decide how many times a week to do the following and enter lessons into Scholaric:

Getting Started with Spanish
Art projects
Saxon math
Life of Fred
"Fun math"
La Clase Divertida and Rosetta Stone Spanish
Language Arts, FLL, Grammarland, & MCT
Bravewriter Lifestyle suggestions
Picture study
Composer & music study
Preschool Stuff

Other planning work I hope to get done in the next few weeks:

Sign up for extracurricular activities
Sign up for homeschool field trips
Figure out something to do for current events
Decide if we need something more formal for health this year
Go school supply shopping!
Clean out school bags and pencil cases, restock as needed
Straighten shelves that hold supplies
Straighten art closet & purchase supplies needed for our art program
Set up a school box with all of Rose's preschool things to do during lesson time
Set up a Netflix identity for the kids with some educational films on it
Try to fix Rosetta Stone or replace the microphone so that it will be usable!
Choose folksongs for the kids to learn this year, and find online audio for them to listen to

This is going to be a list in progress, I'm sure. I have been limiting my planning time, because even though I enjoy doing it and really want to have everything laid out for me this year, I don't want to miss the summer!

And I need time to swing every day. The kids get a kick out of Mom swinging. No pictures of that though!

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