Friday, July 20, 2012

Plan for MCT Language Arts

I received my MCT Town materials the other day and looked through them briefly. I'm pretty excited by what I saw-this program seems really fun and engaging and I am very much looking forward to getting started. I'm going to hold off on a more in-depth review of the program until I've really seen it in action. I did come up with a plan for using it, though. Unlike some other language arts programs, this one didn't come with  a nicely laid out 36 week schedule.  While I didn't come up with a week-by-week schedule, I did come up with a general order in which to do things, based on materials found on the MCT website. The pdf slide show was particularly helpful.

Plan For Using MCT Town Level
First 4-6 weeks:

 Grammar Town (3 times/week)
We will follow this up by beginning Practice Town- a grammar practice workbook that involves analyzing sentences.  We will do three to four sentences each week throughout the rest of the year.

Remainder of the year (after completion of Grammar Town):
 Work through Caesar's English I (vocabulary portion), Building Poems (poetry study), and Paragraph Town (writing portion) on alternating days.

I plan on doing a bit of MCT four days per week- at first just working though the grammar book, then progressing to alternating the other four books like this:

Day 1: 3 sentences from Practice Town
Day 2: Caesar's English
Day 3: Building Poems
 Day 4: Paragraph Town

So it seems pretty do-able, if a bit overwhelming at first glance. I don't plan to cover any set amount of pages in a certain amount of time, we will just work on whatever book we are on until we feel like stopping for the day. I may even separate the individual books in my loop plan to ensure we cover them all fairly evenly.

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