Friday, June 29, 2012

Zaner Bloser Handwriting

We're getting back to handwriting this year after a few years off. James (7) needs a little more practice forming letters that are readable! And Christopher (9) is going to be learning cursive. We've been using Getty-Dubay Italics, but the kids don't like the format of the books. Too boring, they say. So I looked up The Well-Trained Mind recommendation- which is Zaner Bloser.

And I ordered.

I love these books!

They are just so shiny, bright, and pretty! And the insides are prettty too!

I wish I had just gotten these from the start. Rose will start out with these, I think for her K year. I also like that for James' level (2M), there are some short writing prompts, like "write a sentence about your favorite animal" included in the lessons. He is just beginning to write down his own thoughts, and I think these short exercises will be a great starting point for him.

I'm guessing, though, that the boys won't be nearly excited as I am about these books:).

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  1. Kim, great post. I love Zaner-Bloser’s Handwriting Program! You’re exactly right about the workbooks’ “prettiness.” Zaner has really provided a great curriculum that appeals to children, teachers, and moms. I’m also a fan of the Well-Trained Mind Forums!


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