Friday, June 8, 2012

Weekly Report

I really hoped to get pictures up with this but what with all the stuff going on this week it's just going to have to go up as is!

This week we did..


James started learning how to add two four digit numbers together. I was dreading this, because the older two had such issues with it- but he just "got it". He did a couple problems with the abacus, as suggested in Rightstart, and then he was ready to move on to just paper work. What a relief! Grace has been working with geometry again this week- finding the surface areas of three dimensional shapes. I am getting a  bit antsy about finishing the math book with her. We have a little over 20 lessons left and I just want it to be over! Christopher had a super light math week because he was down with some sort of "flu-y" thing most of the week. 

Language Arts

James and Christopher did a few lessons each from First Language Lessons. James is very slowly copying out his dictation to  me about lion fish. My report to the superintendent is due in a few weeks and I need a sample in his writing to send in! Other than that, we were very light here this week.

Sonlight Core D

We finished Toliver's Secret. This was a really fun, easy read for our Revolutionary War studies. We also read If You Were There When They Signed the Constitution and The Story of the USA Book 2 constitution chapter and spent a lot of time discussing both. Christopher really wants to go to Philadelphia to see Independence Hall now.  We read about William Blake in our poem book and listened to one of his poems on the accompanying CD.

Sonlight Core B

We finished Understood Betsy. I really enjoyed this book (aside from finding Betsy a bit whiny for my liking) but I suspect James wasn't a fan. I think it was too 'girly' for him. He finished the ancient Egypt section from Time Traveler and read more from World of Animals. Both of these books have been HUGE hits with him this year and he often reads way more than the assignment for the day.

Picture Study

We studied Picasso's Dove of Peace this week and the kids added a copy to their art binders. 

Other Stuff

We plugged along in Latin. We got goats! The kids finished reading Hoot for bookclub. Christopher and James got to practice shooting balloons in archery. Besides all the rain and Christopher being sick much of the week, it was a pretty good week. I'm looking forward to wrapping up more subjects next week and we are all really looking forward to our break!

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  1. Loos like a good week! Thanks for the recommendation for Toliver's Secret - I may add that to our booklist for fall, along with Understood Betsy for dd9.

    Hope you're able to finish up soon!


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