Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Plans

I have a resolution to make this summer a little more structured (and hopefully even more fun!) than usual. So we are trying on a few plans, instead of just "winging things"-which doesn't always work so well with four kids!

 This summer, we will....

Bake our way through a kids' baking cookbook. One project a week. We've already started this one:)

Do some crazy science experiments at home- WITHOUT writing reports about them:). I saw this book mentioned on a few different blogs/forums and we are excited to try it out for ourselves.We're planning on 1-2 experiments per week.

Choose some fun projects from a favorite magazine. The kids like to make a list of projects to do from this magazine each month. Then we do one or two per week.

And start our new art book, though we may end up saving it for those rainy or too hot to go out days.

We will also do a small amount of schoolwork. Mainly, we will be using Khan Academy alternated with Typing Instructor for Kids (just on days that we are home).

In addition, Grace will be doing riding lessons once a week, the boys will go rock climbing once a week, we will visit the library and the farm where we have a CSA share every week, and  the kids will each have one week of summer camp. I am also hoping to get in at least one field trip per week, but we'll see how that goes! In addition we have a camping trip and a "stay-cation" planned.

This week, after we finish up our last few lessons, we will make "I want to" lists. I want to have the kids (and us parents too!) jot down a dozen or so things they want to do this summer. Places to visit, projects to do, summer recipes to make, things to learn, etc.. I think it will give us some good goals to shoot for, help us plan out our precious few summer weekends, and get in something to make everyone happy. Did I mention I am really looking forward to this summer?

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