Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Starting to Wind Down

We finally reached a point in our homeschooling today where I really feel like we are starting to wind down.

Christopher is finished!
Grace has about 20 lessons left (hoping to finish those by the end of the month!).
James has about 10 lessons left.


Grace has about 1 1/2 lessons left.
Christopher has about 2 lessons left before we stop.

Sonlight Core D

For Core D we are ahead in science so I'm just catching us up so we are in the same week for history, literature, and science. We will be up to week 22 when we stop and we will start there again in August. Grace and Christopher both have a few chapters left in their last reader for the year. We are done with science, like I said. One more section in our poetry book, a few more history readings, and finishing Toliver's Secret- and we'll be good to call it summer!

Sonlight Core B

We will finish our current read-aloud, Understood Betsy and catch everything up to that point. If the next read-aloud is short enough to finish in two weeks we may go on, otherwise that will be our end point!

Language Arts

I'm constantly debating how necessary I think grammar is right now. I have been doing First Language Lessons 1 off and on with James. Right now we are kind of skimming through the last half of the lessons, skipping stuff he already knows and skipping the poem memory work, picture study, and narration lessons. I think Christopher and I will kind of rush through the rest of First Language Lessons 3 and then just start level 4 in August. Grace isn't doing grammar this year, so she's already done. Other than that, I will require one more writing assignment for each of them and James will get a few more Spelling Workout lessons under his belt.

Other Stuff

We are done with Spanish for the year. We have been using La Clase Divertida Level 2 and we are just getting way too confused. So we're stopping! We'll pick up our Spanish study with a different program  next year. We have three more Picasso paintings to study and add to our albums, plus the two related projects from Discovering Great Artists. Rose has two weeks left of gymnastics and the boys have three weeks left of archery. Grace's riding lessons and the boys rock climbing sessions will continue for the summer. 

So that's it! Hopefully two or three weeks from now we will be moving into our summer routine, which I am in the process of planning out

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