Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sixth Grade Plans

I think I finally have it, but all plans are subject to change until I actually order! (and even then....;)). It feels like a lot this year, but some of this stuff will be done on a very limited basis. For example, I have her down as doing Rosetta Stone, La Clase Divertida, and Getting Started with Spanish. GSWS will be our main Spanish study, while the other two will take place only once a week (at most). We own both Rosetta Stone and La Clase Divertida, so I want to use them, but they will be used as supplements only.

One of my major summer tasks will be to try to come up with a workable routine for everything I want to fit in!

Anyway, here it is...

Grace's Sixth Grade Plans


Saxon 6/5 along with Life of Fred (Decimals and Fractions)
Moneywise Kids
Drive-thru Menu Math

Language Arts 

MCT Town level (all of it). This will cover writing, grammar, poetry study, and roots-based vocabulary
Bravewriter Lifestyle with The Writer's Jungle
Sonlight LA Core D and E- we'll pick and choose from each week's work
Sonlight Core D, moving into Core E
The Nature Connection

Latin For Children A
La Clase Divertida-review Level 1 and the beginning of Level 2- but slowly!
Getting Started with Spanish
Rosetta Stone Spanish

Art and Music

Dynamic Art Projects for Children
Picture study (1 artist every 6 weeks) plus corresponding projects from Discovering Great Artists
Weekly folksong from this list
Lives of the Musicians: Good Times, Bad Times, and What the Neighbors Thought
The World's Very Best Opera For Kids! (Rainbow Resource edition with teacher's manual)
Classics for Kids and VOX CD's that we have on hand
And the Rest
Typing Instructor For Kids
Critical Thinking Books 1 & 2
Horseback riding lessons plus....?
Weekly library trips
Participation in weekly homeschool group and a monthly book club

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  1. Looks wonderful! I especially love the Unjournaling book and The Nature Connection. I may have to work those into my son's homeschooling next fall! Well, the nature one for both kids, the Unjournaling for my son.

    Thanks for sharing!


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