Thursday, June 21, 2012

Reading The Writer's Jungle Part 1

I started reading through my (huge!!) PDF of The Writer's Jungle today. It was hot. The kids were whiny. First day of summer and there is already whining and fighting!! We may have to come up with some sort of loose routine if we are to make it through these next few weeks intact.


I decided that we will be having "quiet reading time" after lunch every afternoon we are home, for 45 minutes to an hour. I will make lemonade or ice tea for all willing participants. I'm going to use this time as my planning time. I love to plan. Really and truly. It is my favorite part of summer! Probably that makes me a total geek;). Oh, well.

Today, I started reading TWJ, with a notebook by my side to jot down thoughts and things I don't want to forget. The margins on my PDF are nice and wide and would be great for writing notes, but I am a cheapskate sometimes and the thought of marking up the paper bothered me. Incidentally, I didn't buy TWJ from the BW website. I found it half off at The Homeschool Buyers Co-op. Anyway,  I scrounged up an old notebook to jot down notes. I do plan to hole punch or otherwise bind the PDF- right now I just have it stored in a file folder.

I read the first four chapters today and I am very excited to start putting some of the things I am reading about into action. For starters....

I really want to do Friday Freewrites this year. We did this a couple of times last year and the kids loved it-but for some reason it dropped off our routine. This year, I am determined to do one most Fridays. I also want to use Julie's idea of choosing one freewrite every 8 weeks to revise.  One tweak I am going to make here is to use the book Unjournaling for those days when people aren't inspired to write anything. Also, I want to do this right along with them, instead of trying to switch the laundry, do the dishes, etc..

I like many of Julie's other ideas in these chapters- the Jabberwocky poem idea, the scrounged poetry concept, and the keen observation exercise are all ones I want to try. I have started making a sort of loose schedule to help me incorporate all these great things into our 36-week school year. I hope this will help me to actually get some of these neat things done!  I'll post our schedule here when it is eventually finished!

I also love the idea of having the kids choose their own copywork. This year, I would really like to get everyone a nice journal or little notebook to keep their copywork in. I don't think I will do copywork every day as suggested in TWJ, but once a week seems good to shoot for. I plan to start with the copywork and then progress the older two to dictation once a week as well. She also has a great idea in there about having the kids type copywork occasionally for typing practice, and I think my kids would really go for that.

So that's all for now!  I hope to read and digest a little more of TWJ over the next few days.

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  1. Those are all ideas from TWJ that I hope to incorporate as well! I also plan to have my ds11 start doing a monthly writing project as described.

    I think I may have to give in and buy the Unjournaling book - it looks great!


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