Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In Search of an Online Planner

I want to try really planning things out this year. I tried to do this one year with a written plan book. I had great fun filling in all the squares, but you know what?

The whole darn thing gets screwed up if you get the slightest bit behind.

So the past few years I haven't really had any written plans-except for the ones that come with Sonlight. The result, I think, is that it's harder for me to stay on track. Realizing in May that we are way behind in math is not thrilling to me.

So. I'm in search of an online planner. Something that will help me figure out how many math lessons I need to do every week to finish the book in a year- and then let me schedule those lessons out week by week in a nice little printable plan. And schedule the rest of the non-Sonlight stuff too.

A quick search on The Well-Trained Mind forum turned up a few possiblilities which I am now investigating.

Homeschool Tracker

Homeschool Inc.

My Homeschool Plan


I am leaning towards starting with Scholaric. I'm going to try the free trial. After that it's $1 per kid, max $5 a month...which I think will be well worth it if it does what I need.

Will review here after I've played with it for awhile;). There is a great review of it here also.

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