Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Goats At Home

We drove up to New Hampshire yesterday to pick up our three new furry pals. We are so excited to have these guys home.

Honestly, it's kind of scary to bring home a new animal for the first time. Goats aren't supposed to be terribly complicated ,but after reading all the books and hearing about all the things that could go wrong....well, I was getting a bit panicky.

Now they are here and settling in nicely. And while I am feeling better about our odds of keeping them alive, I am keeping a sharp eye on them for signs of anything amiss.  I didn't sleep more than two hours the first night they were home.

They are cute though.

Very, very cute. The kids have been hand-feeding them a little bit of grain morning and night and this has done a great deal to help the kids bond with the kids.

And it really is starting to feel like a little barnyard in our backyard!

We've got the chickens...17 hens plus one rooster.

A guinea (one only, we didn't have much success with the rest).

3 ducks...this guy is our drake, "Mr. Popper".

And now the three goats.

Yep, it's quite the barnyard out there!

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  1. Those goats are adorable! Wish we had more space for more pets/farm animals.


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