Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Changes Already

I just knew that once I had decided on our plans for next year I'd be changing them! Just the nature of the beast I guess, at least until I order our stuff! Seriously though, I have been driving myself nuts these past few days trying to work out what to order for next year. I am still working on 6th grade plans and will have those finished by the end of this week (for sure!) because I need to get them sent into the school district.

I updated our fourth grade plans to reflect a few changes. Still need to update second grade.

Here are the changes/additions for fourth grade-click on the link above for more specifics.

Saxon 3 instead of 5/4. Based on the Saxon placement test we did today, Christopher really needs to start with Saxon 3. I'm not thrilled to think he is a grade level behind, but I believe it's better to go back and try to give him a more solid foundation than to rush on to stuff he's not ready for.

A couple of "real-life" math programs/games that we will do on Fridays.

MCT Town level for grammar, writing, vocabulary, etc. Honestly as I post this I am still on the fence, so I won't be surprised if I change my mind. But I am very intrigued by this program, and since I would put Grace in the same level, the cost isn't too prohibitive.  I also purchased The Writer's Jungle today and have been reading through it. I know many do both MCT and TWJ, so I am investigating that possibility. Lots more reading/research to do!

I also added in a few things for all the kids to use for nature study, music, art, and Spanish. More on those later! The kids made us dessert tonight- so I have to run!

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