Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"Summer School"

My homeschooling debate of the week is summer school. To do or not to do, that is the question!

We used Sonlight for 12 weeks before Christmas, dropped it for an Ambleside/Charlotte Mason approach, then dropped that for a more unschooling approach.....so now of course I feel like we are behind on some things and have been trying to decide where to play catch-up. My current plan is to keep our regular lesson schedule going until the end of June. We will then take on a "school-lite" routine until mid-to late August, when we will slowly ramp back up to a full schedule.

What I want to have finished by the ramp-up time (even if we have to go into summer to do so):

For James (first grade):

Rightstart A. He only has 9 lessons left, so finishing this will not be a problem. I also plan to ask him to play around on Math Magician and Khan Academy for some extra practice.

Spelling Workout A, and half of B. He is probably 2/3 of the way through A, but I'd like to catch him up a bit; he has a fair amount of difficulty with spelling and not much confidence to start writing independently because of it. So before he starts second grade, I would like to get some more spelling into him.

We may or may not continue our Sonlight work at a very slow pace (like one or two readings per day). I'm inclined not to though, and just pick up in the fall where we leave off in June. He won't start Core C until the holidays that way, but I'm okay with that. 

Christopher (third grade):

He is already done his math level for this year and moved on to the next, so no worries there. I will also have him use Math Magician and Khan Academy, and I am on the lookout for a few online math games that will help sharpen some skills (like those times tables!).

First Language Lessons- we dropped this mid-year but I am debating picking it up again and finishing it so we can move on to Level 4 next year.

Grace (fifth grade):

Rightstart E. Grace has about 30 lessons left, so we may or may not have to continue into the summer to finish this up. She will also do some extra online practice to sharpen up skills before sixth grade math.

Lively Latin I. She has been doing this program for two years now, because we are very slow about it. We are fairly close to the end now, so I think this is one of those things I will push to finish up.

Typing. I would really like to get her typing well by the fall so that she can start to type some of her papers.

We may or may not continue at a light pace with Sonlight Core D. I think we will finish out the Science, but we are only up to week 16/17 (of 36) for most other things. I will probably just catch the readings up to the same point and start up in the fall wherever we leave off.

With any of the above, I am thinking just a half-hour or so of work each day during summer will do. Last summer felt a bit unbalanced and the kids got bored too easily, so this year I am going to experiment with a bit more structure.  Besides the half-hour of catch-up/skill practice,   I am looking into the Hogwarts Summer Correspondence School and/or the possibility of adventure boxes. I'm pretty excited about both of them, I just need to sit down and do some reading and thinking!

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  1. Summer school has always been kind of iffy at my place, but this year I am scheduling it in, albeit lightly. A little math, phonics for my dd, and *lots* of reading, plus some fun, hands-on science. Field trips too.

    I don't want them bored, or forgetting a lot over the summer, and I think keeping a little structure would be good!


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