Friday, May 25, 2012

Simplifying Laundry

I am on a simplifying mission lately. This week's focus: laundry. I already had a laundry system pretty well in place (you have to with four kids, right?) So I just tweaked it a little.

My Laundry System

Every child has a hamper in their room. They empty their hampers twice a week (this is listed on their chore charts).

Every child also has a small basket in the laundry room where I place their clean clothes. Clothes that go on hangers are hung at the bottom of the stairs (on the back of the front door). Every day everyone checks their basket, putting away the clothes when the basket is full, and checks to see if they have any laundry that needs to be hung up. This way I only have to put away adult clothes, towels, and sheets.

I tried a system of doing laundry every other day, but I find we have way too much. Lots of kids, lots of animals, lots of garden work, lots of playing outside = lots of dirt!

I need to do laundry every day, often 2-3 loads. Well, every day but Sunday. I really, really, try not to do laundry on Sundays!

I also love, love, love my washing machine with timer. When the last load is out for the day, I throw in a load for the next morning,timed to start right before we get up.  This way I can get that load into the dryer and another load in before we even start lessons. Then, during lesson time, as I have a few spare minutes, I fold and hang the clean laundry, switch loads over, etc.. I try to put away my and dh's laundry at night, while he helps the kids with teethbrushing. This way, I start with an empty laundry basket! I have found it important to have no more than two laundry baskets! One for dirty stuff, one for clean. This way, I am forced to put away laundry to free up the basket!

Also, in the interest of total honesty, I will admit that I....

  • Never, ever iron- except for weddings and other formal events. My mom used to iron grandmother used to iron her sheets! So you can see that I am really messing with tradition!
  • Always mix white towels and colored, unless the white ones need bleaching.
  • Never check pockets (yes, this has come back to bite me a few times, so I really should).
  • Mix dark and light clothes, and even dark and white. I've never seen any difference in the clothes- though if I am feeling particularly Martha Stewartish I will run the whites separately. 
  • Used to keep my littlest one's clothes in a basket on the floor of the laundry room-not even folded! If you have a child that constantly changes outfits and can't hang up clothes yet, this is by far the easiest way. Now that she is a bit older, she can handle having things on hangers!

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  1. I need to borrow some of your ideas! I do use bleach in every load of towels, but it is the peroxide-based, chlorine-free kind. Actually, I throw some in EVERY load of laundry.

    And yes, I need to be better about checking pockets too.


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