Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Setting Up a Loop Routine

For the rest of our year (six more weeks or so), we are going to be trying loop scheduling for our lessons. The basic idea is that you make a list of all your subjects and then you just loop through them. We will work from 8:30-11:30 each day we "do school", stopping at ll:30 even if we aren't finished for the day. Next day (or next time we do school) we will pick up wherever we left off in the loop and continue on through. Clear as mud?

This is our loop schedule:

Sonlight Core D- 30 minutes or so of work
Sonlight Core B- 30 minutes or so of work

The kids will still have their independent work (spelling, readers, Latin chants, poem memory work) to do when I am not working with them. In addition to the loop, we will be doing art first thing on Wednesdays before picking up the loop, and picture study and Spanish on Fridays before picking up the loop. Both Wednesday and Friday are short days, so I don't expect we will get very much of the loop done on those days. That's okay though- it's practically summer! So we'll get done what we can and then go do our other stuff.

I tried looping this way once before and it didn't work, mostly because we got too far behind in math. But since we are winding math down for the year, I don't think that will be an issue. Loop scheduling seems like a nice way to transition into summer, too. We can stop early or squeeze in a little work on a rainy afternoon and just keep plugging along fairly evenly in everything.

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