Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Review of Henry Huggins

James and I just finished reading Henry Huggins by Beverly Clearly (scheduled in Sonlight Core B). We loved this book! It's pretty rare for us to read our SL books ahead of schedule, just because the program involves so much reading and we are usually behind! But for this book we frequently read a day or two ahead just because we wanted to finish the chapter and find out what happened. This book is about a young boy, Henry, who finds an abandoned dog. After much negotiation with his mother and some adventures on the bus he arrives home and launches into a new life with his new pal, whom he names Ribsy because he's so thin.

This book has a lot of laughs, for both kids and parents. Each chapter is a new adventure in Henry's life. Henry gets two guppies and finds out that they are quite...prolific. He enters Ribsy in a dog show...with hilarious results. He loses his friend's football in an unusual way... and comes up with an even more unusual way to buy him a new one.

Henry is funny, Henry is smart, Henry is imaginative....and while he isn't perfect, he does tend to do the right thing most of the time. There are a few other books in the Henry Huggins series: Henry and Ribsy, Henry and the Clubhouse, and Henry and Beezus, to name a few. I believe we will be checking a few of these out of the library for some fun summer reading! And of course, reading anything by Beverly Clearly tends to take me right back to childhood when I read all the Ramona books several times over.It's very cool to read them again as an adult.

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