Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Great Math Debate Part 2

I've been debating next year's math..and I finally have a decision.

For James (2nd grade):

Rightstart Level C
Life of Fred Apples and Butterflies- 1 chapter covered per week

For Christopher (4th grade):

Rightstart Level D
Life of Fred Apples and Butterflies (listen in along with James)

For Grace (6th grade):

Saxon 7/6 with teacher CD's for explanations
Life of Fred Fractions and Decimals and Percents-probably at the rate of 2 chapters per week, if we can, so that we can start with LOF prealgebra the following year.

I debated long and hard about this. I seriously considered switching everyone to Math Mammoth, which I am always hearing about. MM sounds great but the downsides are: I already own all the Rightstart books and MM doesn't go past sixth grade. I wanted to switch Grace into something that will carry her all through high school.

I did consider doing just LOF with everyone, but I'm not quite comfortable enough with the whole math process to do that.  For now, Rightstart is working well for my youngers, though I do wish it were a bit less teacher-intensive. So we'll stick with that and try out Saxon with Grace, hoping it willl be a success and we can just keep using this program for the years ahead.

One decision down, 18 more to go:)


  1. Your 6th grade math plans are almost exactly like mine! My ds11 will be doing LOF Fractions, and then Decimals & Percents at the rate of 2 chapters a week, Math Mammoth the other days, and then in 7th grade, he'll do the Pre-Algebra books. I'm not sure what we'll use for supplemental work then... I'm thinking maybe the Key to series. Of course, I've got the next year to get through before I worry about that!

  2. Oh, I also am considering the Zaccaro books for supplementing later on. They look intriguing.


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