Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Where We're At

Well, we are back to using Sonlight and we're a few days into our new routine. I said we were starting this week, but actually at the end of last week we started a few of the read-alouds early. So far, so good. A lot of my previous trouble with Sonlight, I think, was that I approached it strictly as a "to-do list", making the whole process of doing Sonlight quite stressful. 

Now, I am trying to approach it as a "what we're going to learn about today list",  which makes it feel kind of exciting and fun. I actually really look forward to opening up those enormous blue binders every day to find out what's on the schedule. I really love that the readings, science experiments, and other activities are all broken down by day for me. As long as I can keep viewing those daily schedules as a list of things we can do, not that we must do, I think we'll be okay.

The only problem so far is that we aren't neatly within any one week.The kids read some of the books on their own during our break from Sonlight, so we are on one week in history, a different week in the readers, and still a different week in science. Science is the subject we are most ahead with in Core D  (Week 16 of 36);with history and literature we are only up to week 11. James is doing Core B and we are only up to Week 10 for most subjects.

I have been mentally kicking myself a bit this week for dropping Sonlight at all. It's difficult for  me to resist the urge to "catch up" before our summer break. I am trying to take a deep breath, and just get what I can get done, done. The rest can easily wait until next year, right?

But of course I am itching to order our new Cores, which is hard to justify with the current Cores not even half-finished. So my plan is this.

We will follow our new lesson routine, getting as far as we can by the middle of July. Then we will break for a month. At the end of that month we are heading away on a summer vacation, and when we come back we will start back in where we left off. So we will have a four-five week summer break. But I am not planning on it being a total break.  I am pondering some sort of short routine (say an hour or two a day) where we continue our Sonlight readings and work a little bit on math.

Not sure how this will go over with the kids, we'll have to see about that:). But I know from experience that a long break, while it sounds wonderful, can actually be more difficult than sticking with a routine. This should put us on track to start the next Cores sometime in the fall.

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