Thursday, April 5, 2012

Read-Aloud Thursday: Gooney Bird Greene

James (7) and I just finished reading Gooney Bird Greene, one of the read-alouds in Sonlight's Core B. I was a bit hesitant to start this book with him because, well I'm almost ashamed to say it but, I judged the book by it's cover. Ssshhh. But really, from looking at the cover I thought....oh dear, a girly book. And James is just not into stories about sweet little girls in tutus. He likes adventure, and humor, and a good story. Well, I am happy to say that I was totally off-base about the cover, because this book was full of funny little adventures and it was a really good story. We both loved it.

Gooney Bird Greene is a a story about a girl who is a more than a little different- and new in school. She quickly makes her way into the hearts of everyone in the class with her seemingly wild stories about her life. But her stories have a unique twist-while they start out sounding far-fetched, they are absolutely true. For example, one day she tells the class she went for a ride in a flying carpet. The students, of course, are awed, but the teacher wants to make sure Gooney Bird knows the difference between made-up stories and real stories. " I only tell absolutely true stories," is Gooney Bird's response.

And so she does. It turns out that the flying carpet was a rolled up carpet she had crawled inside of in the back of a moving van. When the van hit a bump, the carpet flew out the window-with Gooney Bird tucked safely inside. There are many more "wild" stories throughout the book,  but I would hate to give away any more:). The book is also filled with sneaky educational stuff-like the children's' discussions of what makes a good story.

My son and I very much looked forward to reading Gooney's stories everyday, and we were a little sad to reach the last one. But, as she herself pointed out, there are many invisible stories everywhere- and they are only made visible when we decide to tell them.

You can be sure we'll be looking for other Gooney Bird Greene books at the library.

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  1. This looks great! I think my 5 year old would love it. Thanks for the review!

  2. I think my daughter would really enjoy this too. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I've dismissed this title, too, thinking it was just another "school story." Thanks for disabusing me of that notion. ;-) My younger dd would love it, I think.


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