Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Musings

This week I am...

So very grateful for two days of rain after a really long dry spell.

Planning  a trip to visit our goats- they won't be ready to come home until the end of May.

Anticipating lots of lively debates (okay arguments!) about the names of the aforementioned goats.

Ordering some fun books for the kids to take along on vacation.

Starting a list of things we might like to do and see on that vacation.

Debating grammar. Do we need it next year? Will Sonlight be sufficient?

Definitely planning to start doing weekly reports here again-with pictures. I didn't get to this last week.

Completing yet another week of our TOPS radish kit. Two more weeks to go!

Hoping to get the raspberry patch pruned down.

Reveling in easy dog keeping. We set up one of those wireless pet systems and I LOVE it. No more dog sneaking off to visit the neighbors = lots more peace.

Doing some spring clothes shopping for the kids. We sorted the closets this weekend (what a task THAT is!) and the shopping lists are ready. Not too  much stuff needed- a couple pair pairs of shorts, some bathing suits, and sandals.

Finding a new cooking magazine to subscribe to. Our Cooking Light subscription is up and I have to say I've never loved this magazine, so I won't be renewing. The kids and I love to leaf through cooking magazines though, so a replacement is needed.

Hope you have a great week!

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