Friday, April 20, 2012

K-4 Plans 2012-2013

Our youngest, Rose, is turning four in just six weeks. She very much wants to be involved in what we are doing school-wise but, quite frankly, I am not always that great at trying to think up activities for her while trying to help one child with math, listen to another child's narration, and beg the third child to hush that dog up! It's chaos sometimes in this house! So this coming fall she is getting her "own school". She'll be pretty excited, I think.

(This is an entirely unrelated photo of her with her favorite horse at the stable Grace rides at. He's "kissing" her.)


This is what I'm planning for her for next year (Much of it we already have, some I will buy so she has stuff on "box day").

Sonlight's Core P 4/5. I have many of these books already, so don't need to buy too many. I am getting the Instructor's Guide this time, because I think I we will both benefit from a list of things to do each day. I hope this will make her feel more included and give me some easy inspiration for extra activities to do with her. We also have lots of books from Core P 3/4 so we will read some of those as well to stretch the core out.

Get Set for School-Handwriting Without Tears preschool book. This sounds like lots of fun-drawing shapes and beginning letter and number instruction with crayons. I am also debating this CD. We have the wood letter pieces that go with this program and if she has interest, we may use those as well. I think that would be a great activity for an older brother to help with:).

Pattern blocks and a pattern block activity book

Silky crayons (always wanted these!)

Developing the Early Learner ( recommended in Sonlight's P 4/5) I can tell already she's a workbook child:)


Alphabet Go Fish 
Alphabet Memory
Colors and Shapes Memory Match
Kumon Workbooks: My First Book of Cutting and My First Book of Tracing
Singapore Earlybird Math

Other things we have on hand that I'll add to her "school shelf"

Lauri Number Puzzle
Lauri Alphabet Puzzle
Melissa and Doug floor puzzles (love these!) Especially this one.
Stacking Pegs
Lacing Cards
Teddy Bear Mix and Match
Chutes and Ladders
Candy Land

Plus lots of library books! I will say, I hadn't planned on getting Rose started on "school" until she turned five....  But she is different than the other kids were at her age-maybe because she's the youngest? She just wants to be part of everything and while I've resisted the idea of "teaching" her because she's so young, I think it may actually make my life easier!

I'm also tossing around the idea of doing workboxes with her. I've never tried these before, but I'm thinking  it could be a lot of fun for this age and provide some self-direction. We shall see!

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