Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Great Grammar Debate

Mulling over options for grammar next year....

Option 1: Just go with Sonlight Language Arts. I'm going to have SL LA on hand for my Core E kids (since it's included in the Core), but haven't yet decided about Core C LA.  I'm not sure whether the Core E LA will be sufficient for writing and grammar instruction- because I haven't been all that impressed with SL LA in the past. But they have supposedly included more grammar in the new versions of the language arts guides, so I am hoping that it will feel "enough", at least for the younger kids.

Option 2: Use SL LA but supplement with another grammar program, as SL recommends in grades 5 and up. SL recommends Grammar Ace starting in about 5th grade, but I haven't been impressed with reviews for this program. The main complaint seems to be that it is scattered and confusing.

Option 3: Go with something else entirely. We could go back to First Language Lessons- everyone has half a workbook to finish. Or we could try Easy Grammar, Hake (Saxon) Grammar, or Kiss Grammar.

Supplements: I want to start doing Mad Libs again more regularly.  We used to have a blast doing these! I also would like to try Grammar Land as a fun read-aloud. Decisions, decisions! And I still haven't decided on math yet!

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