Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Creative Time

I've been trying to make time every week to do something creative. I don't know why, but every time I can fit a little creative time in, I feel like I've had a mini-vacation. It's very uplifting and relaxing and- I don't know, just good. Some things I did this past week....

I redid the eyesore area in front of our porch (never-mind that the porch itself is still an eyesore!) with a few new plants and fresh mulch....

Grace and I made violet jam....

We had some today with our lunch-just as suggested in the above link-except we did Ritz crackers and cream cheese topped with the jam. It's good-kinda tangy and flowery. And it's very pretty-almost a magenta color.

And I sewed my first item of clothing! I made a pillowcase dress for Rose.

It's not actually made from a pillowcase, but it's super simple- I followed this tutorial. We had a lot of fun with this; I did the sewing and Rose picked out the fabric and ribbon and asked every 15 minutes if I was done. The dress took about two hours to make, which I don't think is too bad for a beginner project. I had surprisingly few bumps in the process- if you don't count the part where I accidentally sewed the bottom of the dress shut while trying to hem it!

Ah well, live and learn, right?

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  1. Way to go on your Pillowcase Dress!! I'm impressed. My mom is the creatively savvy one that I turn to. My girls' wardrobe consists of mainly these types of dresses. A quick scroll down the pictures on my blog and your bound to see some of our Nanny-made dresses.


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