Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sonlight & Our Routine

I have come up with a routine for our lessons each day. I would call it a schedule, but there are not particular times associated with anything, nor do we necessarily do things in the same order each day. I would love to have everything happen according to my pretty plan...don't plans always look so nice on paper? But naturally, each day is prone to it's own chaos and with four children odds are one of them (at least) will be difficult....so the order of things is often screwed up. However,  this routine is so simple that even when issues crop up, we can still usually get our work done. Currently, we are using Sonlight Cores C and P 3/4. My older two switched to Oak Meadow this year, but we are heading back to all Sonlight and back to our old routine this coming August.

Our Routine

I start each day with the read-aloud, because it's easier to get everyone together for that before they go off in separate directions. Two separate Cores means two separate read-alouds, plus the P 3/4 books. I usually do our more advanced Core first while my younger Core kids play or start independent work. Then I swap, doing the next Core's read-aloud while the older kids start on math and their independent readings. I do our P 3/4 read-alouds a bit later in the morning, after snack time while everyone else works independently.

While I am working with one child, the other kids are working on their independent lists. Or, more likely, fighting with each other, running around in circles, daydreaming in the bathroom, or sneaking off to play with Legos (!)...but they are supposed to be working on their independent lists. And for the most part, they do, but it does take some training!

The independent list includes:

Any Sonlight readings we have decided will be independent
Review Latin chants and do a page or two of Latin work
Work on handwriting (my boys only)
Life of Fred-read more about how we do math here

So our lesson routine (Monday-Thursday) goes like this....we usually start around 8:30....

Read Aloud from Sonlight Cores
Math for all, plus independent work during "wait for Mom" times.
Snack break at 10-I usually discuss some of the older kids' reading during this time.
Language Arts-we are currently using Sonlight Language Arts, everyone at their own level
For the rest of the morning (until about 12:30) we just work on whatever is next in our instructor's guide. ~I try to alternate between the Cores and grab some time to read the preschool books to my little as well~
We do stop early for outside classes on Wednesday, but the other days I try to keep us working until 12:30. I will often discuss some of the readings with the kids during lunch.

Our Friday Schedule:

Do an art project while listening to some classical music.
Work on nature journals and/or nature study.
Do picture study. More on how we do that here
With any time left, catch up on any Sonlight readings/activities not finished during week

Friday is a short day because we have homeschool group.

So that's the plan, and it really is helpful to have a plan, even though it frequently needs to get tossed out the window or rearranged. It's always helpful to have a goal in mind! Really though, the best thing I ever did to organize our homeschool was to set specific hours to do it in. I try not to make appointments during this time, but even if I do need to, we rarely do lessons in the afternoons. I would personally rather do a bit of light schooling in the summer than feel rushed to finish everything each day. Plus there are a lot of other things we want and need to do!

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  1. Hi, I stumbled across your blog while searching for "Secular Sonlight". I'm just starting to entertain the idea of homeschooling with my 2 little ones (almost 4 yo and 1 yo) and am really drawn to CM methods and was wondering about using the nicely packaged Sonlight cores in a CM way. I have a couple of years until we start formal schooling, so I am trying to learn all I can before we get there. I'm really starting to feel overwhelmed by it all! I really love this post...I found it really helpful to see how your family tackles everything! Thanks for sharing!



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