Thursday, March 8, 2012

Read Aloud Thursday: The Harry Books!

My three year old recently discovered the set of books by Gene Zion about Harry the dog. She loves them and.... I have to confess that I do too. Unlike some other picture books that shall remain nameless,  I honestly don't mind reading these over and over....and over. There is so much good humor here-both at a child's level and an adult's level. That Harry is one funny dog.

In No Roses for Harry, Harry receives a knit sweater covered in roses as a birthday gift from Grandma. He doesn't like it because he doesn't like the roses...and he goes to great lengths to lose the sweater, eventually succeeding in a very humorous way!

In Harry the Dirty Dog, Harry refuses to take a bath, eventually letting himself get so dirty that the family doesn't even recognize him anymore-or do they?

In Harry by the Sea, Harry has an adventure at the beach, gets lost (because all the umbrellas looks the same), is mistaken for a sea monster.... and becomes a hero.

And my personal favorite: Harry and the Lady Next Door. Harry cannot stand the neighbor's singing voice and devises plan after plan to make her see the proper way to sing. Eventually one of his plans work...perhaps even better than he expected.

My library has all of these books, but we were lucky enough to collect them at used book sales over the years. They have been a hit with all four children. We love that white dog with black spots!

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  1. I hopped over and saw your post earlier today, which inspired me to check out a Harry book today at the library. Thanks so much for linking up!

  2. I love the Harry books! They are adorable. Excellent early readers.


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