Monday, March 12, 2012

Musings on a Monday

This week I am...

 boiling down the last ( I hope!) of our sap to make maple syrup

looking forward to some really nice temps....60 degrees in mid-March in New England??

taking all four kids to the dentist- good times, right?;)

determined to use the punched tin kit we bought two weeks ago to make ornaments with the kids

going on a tour of a pizza restaurant with the kids

trying to finish one more square for the afghan I have been working on for three (!) years

making some simple St. Patrick's Day decorations with the kids...we aren't Irish, but I love to see all the green

trying to make drop tarts

planning our spring and summer vacations...the kids would love to fly somewhere, not sure it's in the budget

determined to fit history and science read-alouds back in our routine

hoping to find time to paint the window trim in Rose's room and get a shade hung (she's been getting up more than a wee bit early)

working on the photobook I have been putting together on Snapfish

trying to relax and not do too much...I am sure at least some of these things will reappear on next week's list!

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