Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Musings

A random list of things going on around here. This week we are...

-Celebrating a birthday: James turns 7 on Friday! We'll be having green eggs and ham for breakfast and going out to lunch at Friendly's (his choice). Over the weekend we will have a small family party for him.

-Hoping to get the telescope out one night since the temps are going to be so warm. Jupiter and Venus are particularly beautiful lately and they're headed for conjunction soon, according to Grace.

-Heading to the orthodontist. Grace is getting records taken for braces. Braces. Ugh.

-Keeping a watchful eye on the seeds planted yesterday (spinach, lettuce, mesclun mix, Swiss chard, parsley, and green onions). It definitely feels strange to be able to plant so early. Hoping no snow or hard frosts come!

-Ordering gravel for the duck coop run and compost (hopefully) for the garden.

-Uploading and ordering prints for Grace's first photo album. She is loving this photography thing!

-Finally having a contractor up to install our fireplace mantel!

-Staring our new book, The Borrowers and hopefully finishing up  Wind in the Willows.

-Reading more from Colonial Days and hopefully doing a few fun projects. Investigating the idea of possibly doing lapbooks on topics of interest. 

-Hoping for some really great plane ticket prices to pop up. We have a wish list of destinations and are hoping one of them will work out. We'll see. 

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