Monday, March 5, 2012

A Little Splurge For Myself

The past few weeks I've had a couple gift cards/birthday checks burning a hole in my pocket. Can't have that now, can we? Today, after a nice morning visit to a local flower show, we stopped at the craft store so Grace could buy materials to make herself a camera pouch. And so I could get these....

Materials to make eyepillows! I have had my eye on a large cutting mat with a rotary cutter for awhile (I'm not so great with scissors). And I found a sweet little fat quarter bundle to make up the pillows. We stopped at Whole Foods-with some very impatient boys- to get some buckwheat and flaxseed, plus lavender essential oil to fill them. 

Hopefully I will find some time this week to whip at least one of these up! I am really in need of some stress reducing props in my life. These last few days have been quite draining. I have been finding the adjustment to a more relaxed/child-centered learning style to be a bit more stressful than I had imagined. I thought that I would feel more at peace without the checklists and line-up of subjects to get through. And I do, for the most part...but I also feel exhausted.

Perhaps because the kids seem to have more energy?

And we have more time to do those projects we never got to before?

And there isn't the same we're done for the day feeling that there was before?

And because I feel responsible for helping four kids who have very different interests do the things they want to do to explore those interests?

I think it's a little bit of all those things. I'm starting to see why some unschoolers say unschooling is harder than regular homeschooling!

I think this will all even out in the end and that it is just growing pains (I hope so anyway!). For now, I am trying to focus on myself a little more...more writing time, more time spent doing creative things, more time reading, exercise and outdoor time any day I can get it in. It's hard to fit this stuff in. I had to really talk myself into the shopping today because I knew Rose would spend half the time lying on the floor refusing to get up and the boys would get antsy and start rough-housing while I looked for fabric.

And that stuff happened, but I dealt with it as calmly as I could and got what I needed and went home, trying very hard to breathe. Slowly.

It's really amazing what just taking the time to breathe slowly can do...especially when coupled with caffeinated tea. Today is one of those days when I wish I liked coffee!

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