Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter Crafting Plans

The crafty child and I spent a little time looking around for things to make for Easter.  My kids love to decorate for holidays but I am usually too cheap to buy very many decorations (plus I just plain don't like a lot of them-especially the Easter ones). So I've been on a mission lately to have us make our own decorations. Art with a purpose, you know? Some things I've found and bookmarked...

Fun Fur Spring Wreath- We loved this, and it looks pretty easy. Hopefully I will actually be able to find this shade of green yarn!

Bunny Finger Puppets-  I actually have the materials to make a couple of these, so once a little sewing time presents itself, I will try it out.

Bead Bunnies -These are so cute! I think I could even convince the boys to make one. 

Easter Mobile-Because sometimes the kids would rather just cut something out and hang it up.  This might be fun too.

And you know, we've never had an Egg and Spoon Race. With all of our chickens laying so well right now, we are swimming in eggs. Might be a good use for some of them. 

Egg Planters- I love this idea! We want to grow more herbs this year, so I let the kids all pick out seeds to try. I think we will use this method to start them indoors.

Hummingbird Nests- Anything with jellybeans is good, right?

Bunny Tanagrams- A little Easter math fun.

I don't expect we will do all (or even most) of these things; I just like to have a list of things to aspire to;). We did start our living Easter baskets the other day. These are just little tubs filled with potting soil and then planted with grass seed. If we remember to water them, they should be filled with nice green grass by Easter morning. It can be a bit of a pain to tuck Easter gifts around the grass, but the kids love this tradition, plus it's a nice alternative to the plastic Easter grass. Every year I panic and think there won't be enough time for the grass to grow, but it hasn't failed yet. Fingers crossed that this year is the same...

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