Sunday, March 4, 2012

50 Relaxed Learning Ideas

The other day I began keeping a a running list of relaxed learning ideas. This isn't a "to-do" list, but rather just a place to keep track of ideas I read about in books and on blogs...stuff that could help kick-start a child who is unsure what to do during our time of relaxed homeschooling. These are my first 50 ideas....lots more coming!

  1.   Make a page for your nature journal
  2.   Check out The Handbook of Nature Study newsletter for this month
  3.   Start  a rock collection
  4.   Plan a night of stargazing (what to look for-planets, constellations, etc.)
  5.  Work on a project from Artistic Pursuits or Discovering Great Artists
  6.  Start a journal or diary
  7.  Write a letter to someone. Or draw a picture and mail it
  8.  Design and mail your own postcard
  9. Join the Flat Stanley project
  10. Create a treasure hunt (with map!)
  11. Go for a walk in the woods
  12. Take photos and assemble a photo album
  13. Start a scrapbook
  14. Create a lapbook
  15. Play a game
  16. Make up a board game on poster paper
  17. Create a poster about a topic that interests you
  18. Add to your list of things you'd like to do
  19. Bake something
  20. Make homemade clay
  21. Make treats for the birds
  22. Teach the dog a new trick
  23. Plan a field trip to a place we've never visited
  24. Choose a state park to visit-what can we do there?
  25. Watch a documentary
  26. Look for bugs
  27. Try keeping a bug as a pet
  28. Practice piano
  29. Practice recorder
  30. Do Starfall with your little sister
  31. Make a gift or card for an upcoming birthday
  32. Make cookies for the dog
  33. Play Boggle
  34. Play Scrabble
  35. Play chess or checkers
  36. Paint with watercolors
  37. Draw with oil pastels
  38. Learn a magic trick
  39. Visit the library and check out books on a new topic
  40. Send an email to someone
  41. Learn to type
  42. Print out a coloring page about a topic you like
  43. Write a story
  44. Write a poem or haiku
  45. Make up knock-knock jokes to tell Daddy later
  46. Start a blog
  47. Choose a letterbox we can visit
  48. Read a book that has a movie version...
  49. Then watch the movie and compare the two
  50. Take the microscope outside to look at leaves, flowers, dirt, etc.


  1. These are great ideas - keep them coming! After yet another week of trying to somewhat schedule history and science, I have given up for the moment. I'm just requiring math and writing/phonics/spelling next week and everything else can be free learning, so I'll be checking back here for more great ideas!

  2. Stopping in to say hello and thank you for blogging about your journey with relaxed learning. I'm along the same path with my seven and three year olds and it sure is nice to know I'm not alone. :-)


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