Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Making

This past weekend, in between games of chess, lots of Valentine card making, and a bout with a weird flu-like illness (me only, thank goodness) we made a few crafts for Valentine's Day

A garland for our breakfast nook....(with the still-in-construction-porch behind)...

The garland is just felt hearts, sewed together with the sewing machine. I used a cookie cutter and chalk to trace the hearts onto sheets of felt before cutting. I love how it looks draped across the window.

Tie-dye hearts made from coffee filters (!) for the windows. They look so pretty with the sun shining through.

For directions...go here.

And this ever so cute little mouse finger puppet that Grace made yesterday for Rose. She's quite fond of this little guy. Directions here, if you want to make one.

And right now, the kids are making white chocolate spoons to go with their cocoa tomorrow. It's a Valentine's Day tradition to have cocoa for breakfast. This year, we are also having waffles (Eggo, not homemade;)) with strawberries and whipped cream.

'Tis the season:)

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