Monday, February 27, 2012

The Lists

I was debating yesterday about whether or not to encourage the kids to make up lists of things they wanted to do or learn about, so that after our basics were done in the morning, or when they wanted "something to do" they would have some ideas. Today I encouraged them to come up with a few things. They were surprisingly into this.

Play chess and checkers
Walk the nature trail at the park
Make cornstarch goop
Try a balloon experiment
Learn to make peach muffins
Make gum
Check out shark books at the library
Make chocolate covered bananas
Make structures from spaghetti and marshmallows


Take pictures
Play chess/checkers
Walk the trail at the swamp
Do an ocean water experiment (found online)
Play Tic Tac Games (he found one he likes at the Tic Tac website)
Paint a picture
Watch bass fishing DVD
Send a letter to Uncle Michael
Make gum
Check out fish books from library
Make blueberry muffins
Make cheddar crackers
Do an experiment with baking soda, vinegar, and a balloon


Teach the dog a trick
Hike in the woods with camera
Do a watercolor painting
Take the sketch pad in the woods
Start a rock collection
Learn to make quick bread
Play fetch with the dog
Look up astronomy events for month
Read The Sea of Monsters 

I've started keeping a log of what they've been doing with all their free time today, and will hopefully post that tomorrow. Basically though, we are experimenting with just doing the basics and then letting the kids choose things they'd like to learn, do, explore, read about, etc.

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